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Urban tree canopy efforts branching out

In urban settings, trees benefit both water quality and human health. They moderate temperatures and beautify neighborhoods. They provide habitat for birds and shade for park benches.

But, while urban trees might not need a public relations campaign, they could use some organizing.

That’s the goal of the Urban Tree Canopy Strategy, a document that will be released by the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Forestry Workgroup in March for public input. Based on the goals of each state in the watershed, the strategy aims for a net gain of 2,400 acres of tree canopy in urban areas of the Chesapeake Bay by 2025.

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Hairy woodpecker’s presence a wake-up call for one homeowner

Our friend’s passive solar house was built on a Pennsylvania hilltop more than 30 years ago. The open interior architecture showed off the large stone wall that captured heat from the many windows. The rough-hewn...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 03/02/15

U.S. coasts can’t afford another Deepwater Horizon disaster

The recent Interior Department proposal to allow offshore oil– and gas-drilling along the East Coast is simply absurd. Waves of drilling could likely precede waves of oil lapping at the shores of our beloved beaches...
U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin | Forum 03/02/15

Sailor’s Creek & High Bridge state parks

The Appomattox River valley in central Virginia’s Piedmont has two relatively new — but very different — state parks that are forever linked by the battles fought at each during the days before Gen. Robert...
Leslie Middleton | Article 03/02/15

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