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Sacrificing Canada geese to protect wetlands

For more than a decade, groups working to restore wetlands on the Anacostia River have been exasperated by a feathery foe: Canada geese that never leave.

A subspecies of the migratory population that visits the Chesapeake Bay region each winter, these “resident” geese were introduced a half-century ago for sport hunting. But they’ve become a little too comfortable in the suburban and urban parks where they find food aplenty and few predators.

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Bony “skeletons” will be out and about this Halloween, looking for treats. In the natural world, the structure and shape of a creature’s bones influence the physical “tricks,” or adaptations,...
Kathleen Gaskell | Bay Buddies 10/19/16

It will take sea change in land policies to cope with vanishing shorelines

It’s beach season along the old Atlantic seaboard, drawing crowds of us inlanders east like our creeks and rivers. We’re heading for the Bay, the Outer Banks, the Grand Strand — eager for life’s...
Liza Field | Forum 10/18/16

Love of ducks, geese extends from table to tableau

To get extremely close to geese and ducks of the Chesapeake Bay, hunters of a bygone era had a solution: a sinkbox. The coffin-shaped box, wooden with an open top and wide upper rim, was floated in the marsh. Specially...
Lara Lutz | Bay Journeys Article 10/19/16
Wholesale reclamation and wetland seed supplier.

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A Documentary Inspired by William W. Warner’s 1976 Exploration of Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.
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The Bay Journal is a partner in the second Chesapeake Bay Summit, a discussion about key issues in the Bay restoration hosted by Maryland Public Television during Chesapeake Bay Week. This year, the Summit aired on April 27 and focused on the challenges of growth and development. Watch it here, and read the following articles related to the 2015 Summit:

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