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MD hires 4 private oyster growers to plant oyster seed in Bay

For the first time in its 55-year history of planting oysters to help watermen with their harvest, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is hiring private oyster growers to help it seed the Chesapeake Bay.

Prior to the change, the University of Maryland Horn Point Hatchery handled the seed and shell operations for both oyster sanctuaries and harvest bars. Using state money and a portion of charges levied on oystermen, the department worked through the Oyster Recovery Partnership to distribute Horn Point’s seed oysters in areas watermen thought would produce the best harvests.

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Clever American crow appeals to the bird in each of us

The shade of the gazebo provided a modicum of relief during one of our countless hot and humid summer days. A wood duck hen and her chicks drifted idly on the lake, apparently as sapped of energy as we were. The stillness...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 07/06/15

VDOT can help fix sediment problems if it is willing to shift gears

One of Virginia’s biggest pollutants is sediment in its waters. One of the two leading pollutants driving state stormwater ordinances is sediment. Virginia’s Total Maximum Daily Load initiative, under the...
Bill Tanger | Forum 07/20/15

Sugarloaf scamper

Hiking in the mountains of Maryland is a great way to spend an afternoon. Hiking with children? Well, choose your route carefully. Between tired toddlers who want to be carried and teens who can’t bear to tear...
Rona Kobell | Article 07/27/15

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