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Plan to fix chronic Baltimore sewage overflows challenged

It appears that a federal judge will have to settle a serious disagreement over whether the city of Baltimore has a credible new plan for curtailing the frequent sewage overflows and chronic leaks that have long made the harbor and urban waters unsafe for recreation. A local environmental group has asked a federal judge to reject the plan, unless it is further strengthened.

Earlier this month, federal and Maryland regulators announced that they had reached an agreement with the city on the modification of a 15-year-old consent decree that would give Baltimore another 13 years to complete a needed overhaul of its aged sewer system.

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  • Timothy B. Wheeler
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American bittern reminds us of wonders that hide in plain sight

“I still don’t see it.” We had been birding for about an hour at Maryland’s Patuxent Research Refuge when Pat spotted the heronlike bird hidden in the tall reeds. She directed me to it, but the...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 09/13/17

Implementation of new Coast Guard ballast water regs doomed to fail

Karl Blankenship’s article, Organisms in ballast water increasing despite discharge measures, (June 2017) summarizes recent research into why tens of billions of nonnative aquatic organisms introduced into the...
Dennis M King | Forum 09/20/17

Lower Chickahominy’s fish, wildlife lure visitors

The broad marshes along the wooded banks of the Chickahominy River in Virginia still evoke the landscape that English explorer Capt. John Smith first saw when he visited this area in 1607. And it is the same mix of...
Leslie Middleton | Bay Journeys Article 09/19/17
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