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One Water interfaith partners spread the good word about controlling stormwater

For years, the Chizuk Amuno Congregation in suburban Baltimore had a lake it didn’t want on its front lawn.

“Lake Chizzie” was the Baltimore County synagogue’s flooded parking lot, created when rainwater pooled on the low-lying portion of a paved surface large enough to accommodate the 1,200 member families’ cars. On the other side of the main building, near the pre-school, was another parking lot cum lake: a lot that often flooded and, in the winter, created ice hazards for children.

The synagogue leadership knew that the flooding was not only an unattractive and sometimes dangerous nuisance, but also a staging area for polluted stormwater runoff that would eventually find its way to the Chesapeake Bay. They sought ways to fix it, eventually receiving $240,000 in funds and in-kind assistance from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Blue Water Baltimore.

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Colorful critters

Here is a quiz about colors in the animal world. Will you pass it with flying colors?
Kathleen Gaskell | Bay Buddies 11/17/17

You attract more landowners with birds, bees than TMDLs

On a warm Saturday morning this fall, more than 30 landowners gathered on a property in Baltimore County to learn a little about promoting the birds and the bees. Literally. The workshop, titled Get to Know Your Backyard...
Ryan Davis | Message from the Alliance 11/20/17

De Gast Chesapeake photo exhibit expands viewers’ horizons

In a black-and-white photo from a bygone era, a skipjack floats in space. The sky on this day is a gray smear of clouds. Low light defines lightly rippled water in the foreground, where a lone, silhouetted oysterman works...
Lara Lutz | Bay Journeys Article 11/07/17
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