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Hogan announces plan to relax Maryland septic requirements

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced this weekend that he plans to relax a requirement that septic systems for all new homes include state-of-the-art pollution-reducing denitrification technologies.

The state would only require the use of systems with the best available technology in homes along the tidal waterfront known as the Critical Area to reduce nitrogen from wastes before it can seep into groundwater, drinking water and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. A house on a septic system can release as much as 10 times more nitrogen into waterways than one on sewage treatment.

Former Gov. Martin O’Malley had urged the state to pass a ban on new developments on septic systems. Rural legislators revolted, and the state ended up with a compromise plan in 2012. It required all new homes not hooked to sewer systems to put in denitrifying septic systems.

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When an Eastern phoebe is hungry for insects, it just wings it

I stood off to the side, leaning against the car, while Pat chatted at the wash station after picking up our weekly share of vegetables. She was focused on friends and fresh produce, but my eyes were on the bird that...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 07/12/16

Alliance honors Schueler, Whitescarver on its 45th anniversary

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay was founded in 1971 by a diverse group of citizens concerned about the declining health of their beloved Chesapeake Bay. They represented business, agriculture, conservation, academia...
Al Todd | ACB Briefs 08/01/16

Soak in the charm of West Virginia’s Berkeley Springs

Hundreds of visitors come to Berkeley Springs, WV, every year with empty water jugs, rolled-up pant legs and plans for relaxation. Here, they “take the waters” by drinking or dipping in the 74-degree springs...
Whitney Pipkin | Bay Journeys Article 07/18/16
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