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Grass really is ‘greener’ on other side of street in community experiment

Six years ago, Richard McKown decided to build an affordable housing community of half conventional homes and half homes with green infrastructure to see which performed better.

It would have been a radical idea in any place, but it was practically unheard of where McKown worked: Norman, OK, a place with clay soils, extreme weather and so little in the way of green infrastructure that the city officials weren’t even using that term. Everything that was not a traditional curb-and-gutter simply fell into the category of “best management practices.”

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Feast on This!

Normally, we offer up thanksgiving for the feast this time of year. This quiz offers up thanksgiving for those who feast on species or things that are often unwelcome. Can you match the predator with its feast?
Kathleen Gaskell | Article 11/26/15

Effort will raise number of citizens collecting data on the Bay, its rivers

The collective effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay and the streams and rivers that drain into it has been going on for decades. We have all been working to reduce pollution entering our local waterways on a variety of...
Anna Mathis and Nissa Dean | Message from the Alliance 11/23/15

Paddlers ply where ships once sailed

Thirty miles up from the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay, the passage between the Bay’s Eastern and Western shores is a scant 12 miles. Though the water depths reach more than 50 feet in the main channel, Wolf Trap...
Leslie Middleton | Article 11/17/15

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A Documentary Inspired by William W. Warner’s 1976 Exploration of Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.
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