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Crabcake fraud: New report finds 38 percent are mislabeled in Chesapeake Bay restaurants

Blue crab, the Chesapeake Bay’s most iconic edible species, also appears to be its most impersonated on menus in the region that say they’re selling local seafood.

A report released today by the conservation nonprofit Oceana found that 38 percent of crab cakes labeled as local were comprised of an entirely different species of crab, predominantly imported from the Indo-Pacific region. In Annapolis and Baltimore, nearly 50 percent of “Maryland” or “Chesapeake Bay” crab cakes were mislabeled.

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Black-and-white warbler a colorful character in spirit if not hue

Spring comes to the forest floor first. Skunk cabbage, jack-in-the-pulpits and trout lilies were emerging from the soil in a mosaic of green and purple. Ghostly Indian pipe seemed to simply appear without sending down...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 03/30/15

Project Clean Stream’s impact ripples through a waterway’s community

Project Clean Stream, initiated by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, returns this month for its 12th year of helping residents across the watershed become stewards of their local streams and rivers. What began as a...
Joanna Freeman | Message from the Alliance 03/30/15

Once is not enough — visitors always want to return

In the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, Smith Island stands defiant. Its community remains strong and proud while all the other island towns in Maryland have faded away, their populations fleeing for the mainland. Smith...
Rona Kobell | Article 03/16/15

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