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Despite progress, states likely to fall short of interim cleanup targets

Take one Conowingo Dam, sprinkle it with a bit of climate change, mix in an unhealthy amount of phosphorus-saturated soil and you could have the recipe for a big Bay headache.

Those are some of the major science and policy issues that local, state and federal officials are grappling with as they take stock of where Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts stand with the halfway mark approaching in the agreed-upon timetable for reaching restoration goals.

For several years now, officials have been preparing for what’s known as the “midpoint assessment,” mulling over new science, monitoring data, land use and other local information to gauge the effectiveness of actions taken to date. And perhaps even more importantly, they’re trying to understand what’s changed since the latest Bay cleanup goal was set in 2010.

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Thanks to app, tail-wagging palm warbler has lots of online data behind it

“Warbler!” The call was excited, but not so loud as to scare away the bird. I turned my attention briefly toward my friend’s voice and then pivoted to see what he was looking at.
Michael Burke | On the Wing 04/20/16

Small woodlots are a big deal to the Chesapeake’s restoration

The commencement of spring is always a significant moment in our Chesapeake forests. Buds swell, ready to break dormancy and add the first of the year’s growth to the canopy while green hues begin to emerge from the...
Craig Highfield | ACB Briefs 05/02/16

The Upper Chickahominy River

As my kayak slipped quietly into the Chickahominy River in Virginia one early spring morning, my mind was on a winter day in 1607. In December of that year, Capt. John Smith — a leader from the English colony at...
Leslie Middleton | Bay Journeys Article 05/02/16

Chesapeake Bay Week on MPT

The Bay Journal is a partner in the second Chesapeake Bay Summit, a discussion about key issues in the Bay restoration hosted by Maryland Public Television during Chesapeake Bay Week. This year, the Summit aired on April 27 and focused on the challenges of growth and development. Watch it here, and read the following articles related to the 2015 Summit:

A Documentary Inspired by William W. Warner’s 1976 Exploration of Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay.

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