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Elect to protect Eastern Shore

Thank goodness the election is finally over. I heard the term “election stress disorder” this fall and it immediately resonated with me and many others I know. Part of the stress for me related to the continuous news cycle and overwhelmingly negative tone of the presidential race this year. But there also is a deeper anxiety emerging in our country around the obvious economic and social divides that were laid bare by the election.

It seems to me that the conservation of parks and farms and open space could provide a bridge across some of the divides that our nation faces.

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Bay needs menhaden more than reduction industry

Much has been written and discussed about menhaden (Brevootia tyrannus), a forage fish for many other fish, birds and mammals. Recently, a bill was introduced into the Virginia Legislature to move the management of these fish from the...

Letters to the Editor

Where’s eel fishing data? I read with interest “Scientists find shockingly good news about eels in PA river,” (October 2013) by Karl Blankenship. It was typical of the high level of reporting in the Bay Journal, which I...

Letters to the Editor

The Maryland Department of the Environment, in response to the recent article on beach monitoring,“To be safe, surf the Internet before swimming at the beach,” (July-August 2013), would like to provide additional information to...

Letters to the Editor

We don't need fines to solve litter problem As the manager of a riverside park for more than 30 years, I have a different understanding of the role of law enforcement in the control of litter and dumping than the one presented in...

Letters to the Editor

DNR perch policies show lack of knowledge as to how market works The yellow perch tag issue in the article "Priming the market for perch on the plate" (March 2013) is far more complicated than Tony Friedrich of the Coastal Conservation...

Letter to the Editor

Remember, it takes two crabs to tango I have just read the article, "Decreasing male to female blue crab ratio concerns scientists" (July–August, 2012).  As a brief introduction, I was a commercial crabber out of Crisfield,...


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