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Personal touch key to earning an open reception in local communities

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Long before anyone told him to do it, Warwick Township Manager Dan Zimmerman was requiring developers to put in stormwater controls, pushing farmers to better manage their runoff and finding ways to pay for water quality improvements that would avoid tax hikes for his 19,000 residents.

The result: The township in Lancaster County, PA, is saving thousands of dollars each year in well water treatment costs. Rainbow trout swim again and even reproduce in Lititz Run, which the state has reclassified as a coldwater trout stream. During heavy rains, streets flood less than they do in neighboring boroughs. Although the stream water turns a little brown, it never takes on the chocolate-milk hue of some other Susquehanna tributaries.

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Managing the Chesapeake Bay requires sound policies at the local level that reduce pollution and protect ecosystems within its 64,000-square-mile watershed. Ultimately, the success of efforts to protect the region’s environment requires support from local governments.

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