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Voice for Bay’s menhaden, striped bass dies

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James “Jim” Price, a citizen scientist who sounded the alarm for nearly four decades on the health of striped bass and menhaden, died peacefully at his home on Dec. 18. He was 73 and had been battling prostate cancer for seven years.

Born in Easton into a family of fishermen, Price grew up in the town of Choptank, in Caroline County, MD, and later settled near Oxford. After working in a state highway agency laboratory for 16 years, he opened a jewelry business, Delmarva Jewelers, which he operated for 30 years.
In the early 1980s, Price founded the Chesapeake Bay Ecological Foundation to study what he believed was a severe decline in the populations and relative health of striped bass, also known as rockfish or stripers, many of which spawn in the Bay, then migrate to coastal waters. Price’s effort to raise concern about rockfish helped to push for Maryland’s catch moratorium, which lasted from 1985 to 1990. The five-year hiatus is credited with helping the species rebound.

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But the cumulative impacts of the 17 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed poses an ongoing threat to the Bay and its tributaries.

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