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Teachers get hands wet to whet students’ interest in Bay

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School’s out for the summer — unless you’re a teacher tasked with educating students about the Chesapeake Bay. Almost as soon as classes let out, 19 educators from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia volunteered for a weeklong summer session that would bring them up to speed on their backyard watershed.

This program, led by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, was one of many environmental summer sessions offered to teachers by organizations in the Chesapeake region. For this group, it entailed boating on the Anacostia and Potomac rivers during a gorgeous day, testing the water they’ve been told is so dirty and touching some of the local fish described in their textbooks.

“We all chose to come,” said Dawn Buskey of John Champe High School in Loudoun County, VA.

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From individual actions, to our collective impact as a society, we can influence the environment in positive or negative ways. Many individuals lead through example, by altering their everyday habits to reduce their impact or by volunteering to clean up and restore local streams and ecosystems.

But the cumulative impacts of the 17 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed poses an ongoing threat to the Bay and its tributaries.

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